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General Questions

Yes, you can sponsor a child in our orphanage. The more our sponsorship department grows, the more it avails us an opportunity to increase on the number of children under our care.
With as low as 35 dollars a month, you are in position to sponsor a child in our orphanage.

Yes, GMOC is a Christian based organization born from the founder’s Christian belief to tackle poverty, diseases and orphans issue with a holistic approach as emphasized by the Holy Bible a number of times. What we do includes and embraces all peoples of other faiths and there is no requirement to be a Christian to be involved with GMOC activities or to be a staff or to receive our support. GMOC embraces everybody and anybody.

Our goal as an organization is to build strong partnerships and relationships with our donors. Our program manager consistently keeps in touch with our grant recipients to update and give them feedback on the progress and impact of their support towards GMOC activities.

One of our core values as GMOC is honoring our stakeholders and being transparent in all we do. If you donate to any of our programs, you receive periodic updates on the impact of your contribution.

You can sponsor a child or donate cash to support a program under our programs.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.