Who We Are


God's Mercy Orphanage Center (GMOC) is a nonprofit organisation registered by the registrar of companies as a company limited by guarantee and also registered in kisoro district as a Community Based Organistaion (CBO) to work towards advancing the plight of children and women in kisoro district.

The story of GMOC is reminiscence in the story of the founder Robinah. At the time of its registration as a nonprofit in 2009, there was an overwhelming suffering of children in Gisorora Parish of Nyakabande sub-county as result of poverty, diseases and insecurity arising from the neibhouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Robinah the founder who had grown up as a child from the community of Gisorora, saw the suffering if these children and their caregivers and felt the need to do something. Together with her sister Dorothy they agreed to start an initiative which would impact on the lives of the suffering children. This gave birth to God's Mercy Orphanage Centre (GMOC).

Growing up from the same community her parent could afford her education. It's the education she acquired that empowered her to strive to transform her community. Majority of the girls wouldn't complete thier education; they would get married off eairlier and hence assigned a life of misery and suffering. She learnt eairlier that the only way to uplift communities is to ensure that children especially girls get a meaningful education to have better shot in life. It's these visible challenge.

In 2009, she started providing school fees and scholastic materials (uniforms, books and clothing) to the needy children. Together with her children, close family relatives and well-wishers they would collect clothing and other household items which she would transport to the villages and distribute to the children and their caregivers. This has continued until now with support from her community in Kampala.

Inorder to care for the carers of the OVC's, and inorder to reach out to a bigger number of OVC's, in 2012 Robinnah introduced a Women Livelihood Program whose aim was to contribute to food security and household income. Using her personal funds, she could hire land, buy seeds, fertilizers and hoes for the women who could grow food for home consumption and sell.

Touched by Robinah's passion to helping OVC's and vulnerable women in her community. One member of Rotary Club of Northscott in southern IOWA, intiated a Rotary International Global Grant in support of God's Mercy Orphanage Centre activities.

In April 2016, Rotary Foundation approved a $ 80,000 WASH Global Grant in support of GMOC activities. Implementation of the global grant by the Rotary Club masaka as the Host partner began in July 2016 and Ended in August 2017.

Founder Robinah
Director Dorothy
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