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This program offerfs families (especially women headed families) the opportunity for a better life through mentorship, life-skills training, financial literacy and microfinance. We target women widows (mainly adolescent mothers) from disadvantaged backgrounds in rural villages within Gisorora and Nyakabande sub-counties. These arfe taken through a series of processes. It starts with "safe spaces" close to the home, where women can discuss problems weith their peers in small groups and build their social networks, away from the pressures of family and male-centred society. Health education, confidence building and other life skills are added to the mix. Finally an innovative finacial component is given. To navigate their way to a more prosperous future, women require financial education, capital, livelihood skills, a sense of self-worth and an entreprenuerial mindset, all of which are financial literacy and creating a savings mentality. The plan is now to expand th eprogram to include micro-loans to all graduating members. Social Plius Financial approach where social empowerment means giving girls the confidence they need to assert themselves and resilve conflicts, making them aware of their rights and training them in health and gender issues, including family planning and reproductive health.

Women harvesting
Women digging
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