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Although Uganda has made promising socio-economic strides since emerging from decades of conflict, many children still face myraid challenges there. Despite a growing economy, a large percentage of the population of 30-million+ people still live in poverty, stretching families' capacit]ies to provide a protective environment for their children to develop. Moreover, Uganda is one of the countries most affected by HIV and AIDS in the world, a situation that has orphaned over atleast 1.2 million Ugandan children and severly tested extended kinship networks' capacity to care for children. The Child Protection and Survival Program is designed to ensure the safety of children from physical, psychological and emotional harm within their communites. The program is geared at reducing risks to children's holistic well-being, making children's rights a reality, restoring hope and dignified living where abuse has occured and cerating an enabling environment that supports children's positive development. The program works at individual, family and community levels in a co-ordinated manner towards enchancing child protection and survival goals. The focus is on the following areas;

  1. Improving nutrition outcomes through investing in a supplementary feeding of vulnerable children whose families are unable gto provide adequate nutrition. The feeding intiative has been the primary focus of the program since the start,
  2. Improving the welfare of children through meetiing basic clothing need of children. This intiative supports vulnerable children with basic clothing.
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